How to Play Games Among Us on Gadgets

Lately there has been a lot of discussion among Us. What exactly is Among Us? Then how si how to play Among Us on HP?

In recent timelines often appeared and discussed the name Among Us. Some people may wonder what exactly Among Us.

Therefore let’s discuss one by one.

Basically video games are always interesting to discuss with a wide variety of hustle and bustle in them. Even sometimes video games become a trend and topic of conversation every day.

It signifies that gradually video games are increasingly acceptable to the public at large.

Just as Among Us has recently become a trend. Basically Among Us is a fairly simple game. But what makes this game fun is that it can be played with friends or other people online.

About Among Us

A little talk about Among Us, this game was created by a developer named InnerSloth. Even better, this game is done by only three people who are part of the InnerSloth development team. They are Forest W, Marcus B and Amy L.

As already said, Among Us game is quite simple. 4-10 People will join in the game. Later they will be Crewmates or Impostors.

Crewmates serve as Astronauts in a spaceship that has to perform certain tasks. It’s like fixing the tertnetu part of a spaceship.

While Impostor is the other side of Crewmates in which there is a bad side.

That’s right, Impostor is the killer who’s going to take out the Crewmates. Pretending to be an ordinary crew, beware the original brand is a killer.

Well, all the players here will be judges for a while. They will judge whoever is accused of murder.

The goal of this game is to successfully remove Impostor from the spaceship by accusing it. However, if the player becomes impostor goal or victory that is managed to finish off Crewmate.

Then how to play Among Us on Gadgets?

How to play Among Us on Gadgets

Game Among Us itself is available on various platforms, such as PCs and Gadgets (Android and iOS). This game can be played in multiplayer or with your friends or other players out there.

Well, to play it is also quite easy. Here’s an early guide to playing Among Us on Gadgets:

Make sure you’ve downloaded Among Us on Playstore (Android) or Appstore (iOS). The size is also small only about 72 MB only.
After downloading you can play it right away. But wait a minute, there are some menu explanations before you play Among Us.

In the home view of Among Us there are several menu options.

Local, to play make use of the local network. That means there is no need to network the internet or connect to the network and in the same place can still play Among Us.
Let’s say you don’t have a data plan, then turn on tethering or hotspot on your phone can still play Among Us. Where your friends are connected to the hotspot or tethering you create.

Then there is the Online menu. Here you can play with all the players in the world of course have to be connected to the internet connection.
When playing Online, you can create a room, join another room that is in the public or join a certain code.
When you become a Host, you can set a room with customizable settings. Such as selecting a folder, setting the number of players, up to how many Impostors.
You can also share the room code with friends so they can join.
To join the game via the code just tap the Private menu in the last line. Enter the code your friend has provided, making sure it’s on the same server. Let’s say North America, Asia or Europe, select the same server as your colleague.
To join another player without a code, you can tap Find Game right away. Then there will appear a row of rooms with a selection of folders and a certain number of Impostors.






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