Is Laser Hair Removal Right for You?

Removing unwanted body hair can be time-consuming, costly, and painful. For both men and women, the idea of permanent hair removal can be very appealing. Laser hair removal has been the best way to achieve this for a long time now, but with previous methods, it was still a long and uncomfortable process and only worked on certain skin and hair types.

With modern advancements like SmartDiode technology, Laser hair removal is now an option for more people than ever before. If you would like to permanently remove body or facial hair, it could be the pain-free solution you are looking for. Here, we discuss who SmartDiode Laser hair removal is suitable for, how it works, and whether it could be a good option for you.

Who Can Use SmartDiode Hair Removal?

One of the main problems with older styles of laser hair removal was that they worked best on people with light skin that wasn’t prone to tanning, and dark body hair. This ruled out a lot of people. With SmartDiode hair removal, the colour of your skin doesn’t matter, but it will not work on white or red hair, so there are still some limitations. The clinic or salon you choose for your treatment, like this skin treatment clinic Holywood, will do an initial consultation and sensitivity test to ensure you are a suitable candidate for this kind of hair removal.

Does it Hurt?

Older methods of permanent hair removal like electrolysis or laser hair removal could be painful or uncomfortable, and older ways of using lasers for hair removal could also lead to burns resembling sunburn. This is not the case with newer SmartDiode hair removal. The therapy is painless and the device used cools the skin as it works, so you won’t experience burning afterward.

How Long Does it Take?

Everyone responds differently to the laser hair removal treatment, so the number of sessions will vary depending on your own hair and skin. However, most people need somewhere between six and eight sessions to fully kill off the hair and get the results they want. Sessions are quick as well as painless, with even a whole leg taking on average just 30 minutes to treat. If you are looking for the treatment of a much smaller area like an upper lip or chin this will take just minutes.

Can it be used Anywhere?

SmartDiode hair removal is gentle, so it is appropriate even for more sensitive areas. People use it in the bikini area and on unwanted nipple hair, as well as for things like eyebrows and upper lip hair. It can be used by both men and women, too, so men who are concerned about back or chest hair or who want to remove other body hair can also benefit from it.

If you are looking for a painless and quick solution to unwanted face or body hair, SmartDiode technology is definitely worth checking out. It can be an affordable and permanent solution to your body hair problems and is suitable for many more people than older styles of hair removal.


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