Poor Game in Children

Some teens may think that they can interact or communicate with other friends while playing games, and they think it is a form of socialization in their own way. But it will not be able to defeat face-to-face communication, because communication activities are not just listening and responding to the words of others, but also includes reading the expression of the other person.

Developing appropriate communication skills is one of the important things because one day children will need these skills, such as during interviews or building relationships with other parties.

Establishing good communication with friends in person is much more fun than sitting indoors and just playing games all day.

It would be better if the children spend free time with other activities that are more useful, such as learning and socializing, than playing games all day at home.

It does not have to stop completely because sometimes children or adolescents also need certain entertainment, but it would be better if they use their free time with other things that are much better and more useful, so that in the future, children will not regretting what was done.

Based on the description above, it can be concluded that the negative impact on children due to addiction to playing games is greater than the positive effects.

Furthermore, in order to prevent and avoid children or adolescents from being addicted to playing games, the active role of parents, the school environment and people in the surrounding environment is needed, to give as early as possible attention and prevention so that children or adolescents, avoid addictions playing games.

Parents need to set rules, when children can play games including the duration of time, and do not free children to continue playing games.

In the school environment, rules must be made so that children do not play games during break times at school. As for the wider community, care should be taken when finding or finding children who play games in game rental places, especially during study hours.

If there are indications that children are getting addicted to playing games, parents should immediately take decisive steps to limit the frequency of playing games or even forbid children from playing games, and encourage children to do various positive activities both at home or outside the home.






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